The law firm of Gifford Thompson & Bright originated in Jamaica in 1991 when Lord Anthony Gifford QC, its senior partner, began his practice as a Jamaican attorney-at-law. Lord Gifford had practiced at the English Bar for over 30 years and had the reputation in England as a fearless radical barrister involved in many leading human rights cases. He was also a member of the Bar of Northern Ireland, where he had been involved in inquiries and trials arising from the conflict in that country. Lord Gifford now practices mainly in Jamaica but maintains his law chambers in London.

Lord Anthony Gifford formed a team with Hugh Thompson, the Jamaican criminal defence lawyer, and with Sandra Graham-Bright, who practised as a barrister in England for 15 years before relocating to Jamaica. Mrs. Graham-Bright is in charge of the firm’s law practice in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

The firm has two associate attorneys-at-law. Sheila Tomlin was a solicitor in England for seven years before taking up practice in Kingston, Jamaica, where she now works closely with Lord Anthony Gifford.
Hamilton Daley is qualified as a solicitor in England and as an attorney-at-law in Jamaica, and acts as the law firm’s London associate, interfacing with the firm’s clients in the United Kingdom.

The legal practice has established its reputation in many fields of law, of which details are given in the profiles of each attorney-at-law.

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